Early Returns

Notable Brewers spring training stat lines (Runs / HR / RBI / Average / OBP / SLG):

Almonte (1B): 4/2/6/.360/.385/.640
Betancourt (SS):  2/0/2/.412/.444/.588
Boggs (OF):  2/1/7/.318/.375/.545
Farris (2B):  4/0/1/.400/.500/.533
Gomez (OF):  4/1/3/.316/.316/.579 (And in 19 AB, only 2 Ks!)

And I realize there is more to the backup catcher job than offense, but what a race this is shaping up to be:

Kottaras (18 AB):  4/1/3/.278/.278/.556
Maldonado (7 AB):  1/0/1/.286/.286/.286
Nieves (10 AB):  1/0/0/.300/.364/.300
Rivera  (8 AB):  2/1/1/.250/.333/.625

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