Brewers/Phillies Postgame, 4.18.2011

It’s late, and so much happened in tonight’s extra-innings win over the Phillies that not even Ron Roenicke can keep it all straight.  So I’ll make just a few brief points.

First off, Shaun Marcum looked absolutely dominant for a second straight start.  This is probably even more than the Brewers expected when the traded top prospect Brett Lawrie to Toronto during the offseason.  The defense wasted the outing, but we should not overlook Marcum’s performance.  The Phillies are an offensive beast even without Chase Utley, and Marcum completely tamed them. 

His final line tonight: 
Marcum pitching line 4.18.2011.png

Speaking of pitching, congratulations to Brandon Kintzler, who pitched two scoreless innings in relief tonight and picked up his first major league win in the process.  Kintzler was my pick to fill in for Zack Greinke to start the year, but he was not stretched out in spring training and Marco Estrada has done an admirable job instead.  Kintzler is on the bubble right now; with LaTroy Hawkins ready to come of the DL, his time with the team could be nearing an end.  It’s nice that he was able to give the Brewers a victory while he’s still here.  Regardless, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing him again before the year is over.

Offensively, the Brewers were pretty quiet at the plate.  Betancourt and Braun did most of the damage, each chipping in 2 RBI.  Gomez has been looking much better at the dish as of late, and contributed two hits and two runs.  Catcher Jonathan Lucroy went 3-for-5 with an RBI, and Fielder and McGehee each had a hit.

All said, not the cleanest of wins, but the Brewers are able to end a three-game losing streak  and take game one.  Lucky thing, too; the Brewers face perennial all-stars Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee in games two and three.

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