Craig Counsell’s Versatility

counsell slides.jpeg

Counsell gets the call today at third base after Casey McGehee sprained his left thumb in last night’s 9-5 loss to the Cincinnati Reds. 

Nice to have a guy like Counsell around who can play three infield positions (and left field to boot).  And he isn’t just a capable defender at third, short, and second; he plays those positions well.  As my cousin recently pointed out,* every team needs a veteran like Craig Counsell, and the Brewers thankfully have the original. 

In 2011, Counsell has appeared twice at second, three times at third, twice at shortstop, and once in left field.  He hasn’t wowed with the bat (.182 BA in 22 AB), but he’ll get up between .250 and .280 by the end of the season.  Plus, he always give you a good at-bat (.308 OBP).  No questioning his defense, either, given Counsell’s perfect fielding percentage this year. 

Over the course of a season, infielders are going to get banged up and need a few days of rest.  Brewers fans can take comfort that Counsell’s one of the best insurance policies around.

*He occasionally comes up with a good point** despite his misguided love affair with the Cubs.

**For example, his observation that “Ryan Braun [will] remain a thorn in the side of the Cubs for another nine years ….”

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