Carlos Beltran as a Brewer? reports, via Buster Olney, that the Brewers are in play for Mets rightfielder Carlos Beltran, and will acquire him if they can scrape together a decent enough package of prospects.  The fit doesn’t look to be there, though, as Olney says that Mets GM Sandy Alderson is set on attaining a high-end prospect for the impact bat.  And lord knows, no one in baseball thinks the Brewers have many of those anymore.

It’s obvious why a team like the Brewers would want Beltran, a free-agent-to-be and, like K-Rod, another Scott Boras client (are you seeing a pattern here?).  Beltran, an All-Star, is having a fantastic year, batting .293 with a .389 OBP and .917 OPS.  He’s hit 15 home runs, including a dinger last night, with 61 RBI and 58 K to 52 BB.  Beltran also leads the major leagues with 30 doubles.

If true (and you have to take these reports with a grain of salt), this is an interesting trade deadline strategy by Brewers GM Doug Melvin.  The club’s greatest need is clearly an upgrade at shortstop, yet Melvin’s trade for K-Rod and this rumor suggest he’s intent on shoring up other weak areas of the ballclub (the bullpen and the bench).  Perhaps he has concluded that the market simply doesn’t present enough of an upgrade at short to justify the cost, or that a solid supporting cast will compensate for Yuniesky Betancourt’s weak bat and glove.



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