Blog News: New Writers and an Award

I want to thank everyone who has visited Cream City Cables over the last year.  This month, the blog was named to the 2011 list of the top 100 fan blogs.  I hope you enjoyed our analysis of the Brewers, and baseball in general, in 2011, and continue to come back often this year!

I’m also pleased to announce the addition of two authors to Cream City Cables for the 2012 season.

Ryan Smith has been following baseball pretty much since birth.  He is an avid Brewer fan and has a background in literature.  In addition to bolstering the blog’s statistical offerings, Ryan will be providing coverage of the Brewers farm system and draft.

Kevin Kimmes is also an avid Brewers fan with a strong interest in statistics and the history of the game.  Kevin will be contributing Brewers analysis as well as general baseball-related content.

I’m very pleased to have them both on board, and I speak for everyone when I say we’re hoping to build upon the success of our inaugural season.

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