Your Questions, Answered: January 2012

By Nathan Petrashek

WordPress allows us to see what search terms are being used to locate articles on our blog.  Some searches have been downright hilarious, while others are serious questions we perhaps haven’t covered.  I thought it might be fun to answer a few questions each month that we run across that we might not have otherwise discussed.

In our first installment, I’m including search terms from January and December.  Read on for the answers to all your questions!

“Will Braun be suspended?”  This seems to be the $400,000 question of the Brewers’ offseason.  The short answer is that a suspension looks likely, as Brian Anderson noted today.  The silver lining, I suppose, is that if the “medical issue” rumors are true, Braun’s legacy will likely remain intact (i.e. the suspension would not have Hall of Fame implications).

“Ryan Braun doesn’t just want to be a baseball player; he wants to be good at everything.”  Not a question, but I agree.

“When will Prince Fielder make his decision on where he will play next year?”  We got this answer yesterday; Prince will have a new home by the start of spring training.  Yes, I said “new” home, as in not returning to the Brewers.  Though there was some speculation this week about a one-year deal for the slugger, the Francisco Rodriguez arbitration decision and the signing of Aramis Ramirez put the Brewers over budget.  No room for the big man.  Word is the Nationals are frontrunners in the Fielder sweepstakes, but the Rangers met with him yesterday.  That, I’m sure, led to another search term I stumbled across: “smiling Prince Fielder.”

“2011 NLDS results?”  I’m happy to report the Brewers took the series, 3-2, on a walk-off hit by Nyjer Morgan in Game 5.  Don’t ask me anything about the NLCS though.

“Was Roenicke wrong in his game six pitcher?”  I said don’t ask me anything about the NLCS.  You’re referring to Shaun Marcum, who was amazing in the regular season but fell apart in the final month and in the postseason.  As I laid out here, Roenicke did the right thing.

“Twitter bird with beer?”  No clue what you were looking for here.  But as long as we’re on the topic of Twitter, follow each Cream City Cables writer:  Nathan Petrashek (@npetrashek), Ryan Smith (@ryanhenrysmith2), and Kevin Kimmes (@kevinkimmes).

“Are the Cubs going all the way this year?”  No.

“How many Ryan Braun bobbleheads were made for May 3rd, 2009?”  Ah, stadium giveaways, my favorite subject.  I think something like 44,000 bobbleheads are made for each all-fan giveaway.  Usually 5,000 of those are painted in a retro uniform.

“Who is Yuniesky Betancourt going to sign with in 2012?”  The Kansas City Royals were the unlucky winners of that rather uncompetitive race.

“Betancourt cream?”  Sorry, my friend.  I don’t know what you were searching for, but I can assure you I don’t know anything about any Betancourt cream.  Try the Miller Park Drunk.

That concludes our little adventure into the blog’s search box.  Keep those questions coming!

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