Your Questions, Answered: February 2012

by Kevin Kimmes

Welcome to the second installment of Your Questions, Answered, in which we hope to shed light on some of the questions that lead readers to our blog, and issues that we may not have answered to this point in other articles. As mentioned last month, WordPress allows us to see what search terms are being used to locate articles on our blog. Some searches have been downright hilarious, while others are serious questions we perhaps haven’t covered. So, without further ado, let’s get to your questions.

Can the Pittsburgh Pirates win the NL Central Division in 2012?

I like to believe that anything can happen in baseball, however some things have a better likelihood than others. Sorry little Buccaneer, this isn’t your year. I’m going to say that your team finishes 2nd from the bottom ahead of the Astros.

Who will bat 3rd in the Brewers 2012 batting order?

The third slot in the order should remain Ryan Braun’s baring suspension. If he does miss time, I would suspect that this spot would either be filled in by Weeks or Hart.

What division will the Astros be in in 2012?

2012 will be the final year for the Astros in the NL Central as they will move to the AL in 2013 balancing the AL and NL at 15 teams a piece.

Would the Brewers trade Logan Schafer?

Maybe. While the last several years have seen the Brewers getting rid of prospects like they were going out of style, and the fact that the outfield is fairly well stocked in the way of starting talent (Hart, Gomez, Morgan, Aoki, and Braun), it is possible that Schafer could be used as trade bait if a deficiency were to surface at another position. However, it should also be noted that both Gomez and Morgan are only signed through the end of this season, so Milwaukee may be looking to promote from within if they decide not to resign either of their center fielders, in which case Schafer may be part of the team’s big picture moving forward.

How much does Santo Manzanillo make?

According to Adam McCalvy, under the new collective bargaining agreement, Brewers pitching prospect Santo Manzanillo will make at least $480,000 in the Majors this season.

Who will win the NL Central in 2012?

Of course, with this being a Brewers blog, everyone expects me say that this is Milwaukee’s title to claim for the 2nd straight year. And while I do believe the Brewers will in fact win the division again this year (primarily due to their fully intact starting rotation), don’t be surprised if Cincinnati plays the spoiler this time around.

Now for the “Not actually questions, but worth commenting on anyway” category.

Ben Oglivie Induction Hall of Fame

For those that were not aware, former Brewer Ben Oglivie will be one of six post-1959 era players to be inducted into the Dominican Republic’s recently formed Latino Baseball Hall of Fame this month. Congratulations to Mr. Oglivie from all of us at Cream City Cables.

Pop Up Cards (I’m Sorry)

So, you screwed up. We’ve all been there before. Your significant other found those emails from the receptionist at work, or that boob pick on your phone, and now you need to do some damage control. Where to start? How about a pop up card that says “I’m sorry”. Yes, and what better place to look for it than on the internet. So you type in your Google search and, hey, a baseball blog, you love baseball! So you put your card search on hold and spend some time with your friends here at Cream City Cables. We like your priorities, and don’t worry, she’ll understand.

I’m Bangkrupt

Does this have anything to do with your super spelling?

Photos of Twitter Bird With Beer

Apparently our friend from last month stopped by again, this time looking for photos of the infamous Twitter Bird with Beer. We still had no clue what you were looking for, but since I had nothing better to do on a snowy Friday morning, I did a Google search and came up with the photo on the left. Oh, and while on the topic of Twitter, feel free to follow each Cream City Cables writer:  Nathan Petrashek (@npetrashek), Ryan Smith (@ryanhenrysmith2), and Kevin Kimmes (@kevinkimmes).

Well, that’s it for this month. Hope we were able to answer some of your questions and provide a laugh or two as well. See you again in March for the third installment of Your Questions, Answered.

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