RB8 Has Been Unleashed

We don’t normally do breaking news on here, but this one’s worth a post:  Ryan Braun has won his appeal and will not be suspended 50 games for violating the MLB’s drug policy.

Word is that he was let off on a “technicality” (whatever that is; the process is in place for a reason), and the MLB has released a statement that it vehemently disagrees with the decision.  Still, Braun heads to camp tomorrow free and clear.

This is certain not to be the end of the Braun saga.  Assuming Braun himself was not the source of the leak, we can expect an MLB investigation regarding the breach of the drug program’s confidentiality provision.  We can probably expect some sort of investigation and legal action from Braun along the same lines.

One thought on “RB8 Has Been Unleashed

  1. I think there will be still nagging voices that Braun will always have to deal with. He will always have to deal with the issue that although the chain of custody was broken with the delivery of the sample, the seal was not broken when the sample reached the lab as well as the fact that the sample contained synthetic testosterone. I hope that he can continue to have a positive career and put this behind him.

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