Beckett to the Future: My Fan Cave Campaign Gains a Huge Supporter

mlb-fan-caveby Kevin Kimmes

Last Thursday I received a few tweets from Chris Olds, editor of Beckett Baseball, as I was headed out to lunch. Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that this is not the most uncommon thing as Chris and I exchange messages on nearly a daily basis usually riffing on sports, film and our sports card/memorabilia collections. What the messages contained however, was something completely unexpected.

I had sent a message to Chris a few days earlier with a link to my Fan Cave application (you can watch it here if you haven’t see it) mentioning that we had included my copy of the latest issue of Beckett Baseball in the video. He re-tweeted the link and I figured that was the end of it. Well, that was until Thursday came around.

The messages from Chris stated that he wanted to write an article around my video to help promote Beckett’s upcoming Super Collector issue and to promote the Fan Cave program. He had one question that he needed answered: “What do you think you will bring to the Cave if picked?”

On the surface, it’s a loaded question. I planned on writing a long eloquent response via email, but instead quickly tweeted back my answer: “I think that I’ll bring creativity and a love of the game that isn’t always found in the larger markets.”

The article went live on my way to lunch and can be viewed here:

To clarify my answer, I’m going to pull back the curtain a bit and share with you some of my accomplishments from before I became a baseball blogger, things that I’m really proud of and that many people don’t realize that I’ve done.

1) I’ve played bass and guitar since I was 19: As a member of both The Right Ons and Holly and the Non-Italians (now known as Holly and the Nice Lions) I played bass/guitar in the Green Bay area on a regular basis for about 5 years. Here are a few clips of “Baseball” by The Right Ons and “Down to the River” and “Chapter 1” by Holly and the Nice Lions.

2) I have my own IMDB listing: Yes, believe it or not, I am actually listed in the Internet Movie Data Base for a few special effects projects that I assisted with. Additionally, I am an active member of Table 8 Productions (we did the “Avengers on a Budget” video that went viral last summer) and I co-produced the award winning “An Outbreak at Meadowbrook Park” (not safe for work: language).

3) I’m a former pro-wrestling manager: I’ll let the video speak for itself on this one:

So you see, being in front or behind a camera is nothing new for me. Now to add the ultimate feather to my (baseball) cap and become the latest Cave Dweller.

Thanks again to Chris Olds and Beckett for their support. I’ll be back tomorrow to discuss what it means to me to be a small market baseball fan.

Kevin Kimmes is a regular contributor to and an applicant for the 2013 MLB Fan Cave. You can follow him on Twitter at @kevinkimmes.

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