Boone Logan Gets the Boot

Of all the wonderful bright spots of the 2018 Brewers, perhaps no segment of the team has shone brighter than the bullpen.  With a sparkling 2.74 ERA, the bullpen- most notably the likes of Josh Hader, Jeremy Jeffress, Jacob Barnes and Taylor Williams – have established themselves as one of the best relief corps in all of baseball, second perhaps only to the Yankees.

And despite pitching only ten-plus innings this season, there’s one reliever that has been an anchor, his mere name inspiring dread in the masses each time he has been summoned to the mound:  Boone Logan.

An early May addition to the squad thanks to a tricep strain, Logan was essentially slated to be the team’s LOOGY.  He was spectacularly unsuccessful.  Lefties compiled an absurd 1.354 OPS against him, and he walked nearly as many batters as he had innings pitched.  In his penultimate appearance, he allowed a garbage-time run in his one inning of work against Philadelphia on Friday.

Saturday was a “prove it” day for Logan.  After Junior Guerra walked Scott Kingery in a one-run game, Craig Counsell summoned Logan to deal with lefty Nick Williams.  The result was a deep double, followed by another walk and a single for subsequent batters that wound up plating two runs for Philly.

And so, today Boone finds himself designated for assignment, with the comfort of a nearly $2 million contract to help soften his landing.  While the main beneficiary is the bullpen (addition by subtraction), a nice secondary effect is the lowering of our collective blood pressure when a lefty comes to the dish.  And, lest you worry about who will get left-handed hitters out … Josh Hader is currently holding southpaws to a .271 OPS.  In Hader we trust.

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