Operation Fan Cave Application: Complete

by Kevin Kimmes

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t posted any new content to the site in the last several day. While this wasn’t my intention, sometimes things get in the way, important things. Over the last several days, my creative output has been channeled into a different pursuit: filming and editing my MLB Fan Cave application.

Well, I am proud to say that it is now completed and you should be seeing me return to my regular output in the next several days. In the meantime, I’ve decided to treat you all to the fruits of my labor. Enjoy

Kevin Kimmes is a regular contributor to creamcitycables.com and an applicant for the 2013 MLB Fan Cave. You can follow him on Twitter at @kevinkimmes.


You Say You Want a Revolution: Kimmes Making Bid to Become First Brewers Fan in MLB Fan Cave

Over the last several weeks both Bernie Brewer and the Brewers organization have been vocal on Twitter regarding their hopes that 2013 would be the year that Milwaukee finally landed a fan in the cave. The cave you ask? Yes, the MLB Fan Cave.

For the past 2 seasons, baseball fans from around the country have taken their shot at making the ultimate baseball dream a reality: Watching every game of the season from the comfort of New York City’s MLB Fan Cave. The cave is a social media hub for the MLB, a veritable watchtower from which lucky fans are tasked to use social media to interact with the games’ fans and in the process create new, creative and exciting content for the web. As if all of this wasn’t cool enough, “Cave Dwellers” are also given the opportunity to interact with players, both past and present, as well as celebrities and musicians.

This year, Cream City Cables own Kevin Kimmes has taken the call and has thrown his hat in the ring for a shot at fan immortality. Check out this teaser video that he put together earlier today as a sneak peek of his MLB Fan Cave candidacy in 2013.

We at Cream City Cables wish Kevin all the best as he pursues this ultimate baseball dream. Keep checking back over the next several weeks as we will be posting updates and new content regularly regarding his bid to become the next Cave Dweller.